Here’s how Corby and Corby can help successful people with their financial management needs:
Innovative tax planning: preparing a tax projection for you during the year, reviewing it with you, and then working with you to select appropriate investments to minimize your taxes.

Monitoring of incoming cash flow: from contract payments, salaries residuals, royalties, investments, etc.

On-time paying of all bills: whether it be a utility bill, a clothing or furniture charge, or a house payment — we take care of them all.

Preparing financial statements: personal and/or corporate — in a format you can understand—and then analyzing their contents with you.

Arranging credit: wherever needed and seeing that it is always available to you so that you are never faced with embarrassing situations.

Filing all necessary forms and reports: to unions, insurance companies, etc.

Preparing your federal and state income tax returns: from records we will already have in our files — so as to necessitate as little involvement for you as possible.

Planning a secure future for you and your loved ones: through proper estate planning, retirement planning, and sound investment advice.

Communicating with you: you will know on a regular basis exactly what your financial picture is.
Saving you time: by turning over all bothersome financial details to us, you’ll have more time—and, as you know, time is valuable.