Our Law Firm Consulting Services consist of:

Partner Issues

  • Admission Criteria
  • Compensation
  • Accountability
  • Facilitating firm retreats

Credit and Collection Management

  • New client intake criteria
  • Improving cash collections
  • Training collection personnel

Associate Matters

  • Incentive compensation
  • Time management
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Requirements for partnership

Practice Development

  • Analysis of activities
  • Formulating strategic objectives
  • Developing marketing plans
  • Expanding referral relationships
  • Training professionals to market
  • Rewarding successful individuals
  • Using the “Internet” to market
  • Monitoring individual progress
  • Developing products such as:

— Brochures
— Seminars
— Client surveys

Financial Management

  • Financial reporting systems
  • Training partners to read reports
  • Creative client billing strategies
  • Timekeeping and billing systems
  • Developing expense controls
  • Insurance coverage analysis
  • Disaster planning
  • Capital asset funding
  • Budgeting procedures
  • Retirement planning and funding
  • Funding new partners
  • Transition planning

Strategic Planning

  • Identifying a long term “vision” for the practice
  • Evaluating the quality and scope of client services
  • Selecting key objectives
  • Turning key objectives into achievable projects and coaching their successful completion
  • Monitoring, on a scheduled basis, the accomplishment of defined goals

Computer Systems and Software Evaluation and Selection

  • Evaluating and recommending particular solutions
  • Negotiating contract terms
  • Supervising vendor installations

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Analyzing history of candidates
  • Pre-merger questionnaire

Assisting in the evaluation of the compatibility of cultures