Effective litigation demands astute accounting and financial testimony. In this regard, the services of an experienced CPA as an expert witness and consultant to the attorney can be extremely important to the outcome of a case.

The Forensic Accounting Department of Corby and Corby has this experience. For almost a quarter century it has worked with the legal profession and has been influential in bringing in favorable decisions for its clients.

Some of the services we provide in this field are;

Determination of net worth in marital dissolutions: on the date of marriage, on the date of separation, and accounting for the change during marriage; tracing the source of funds used to acquire assets during marriage and, in the event of a disposition, tracing the proceeds.

Post Separation: preparation of reimbursement schedules and assistance in calculation of child and spousal support.

Consulting services during deposition: and other discovery procedures, in order to help interpret accounting testimony and raise pertinent questions that will clarify accounting points at issue.

Review of financial information contained in trial briefs: ensuring that important accounting points are included.

Examination of opponent’s trial brief: providing suggestions on possible cross examination that will answer accounting issues raised.

Accurate court testimony by experienced expert witnesses: able to stand up to cross examination including preparation of appropriate exhibits for use during testimony.

Analysis of various alternatives: in financial settlement negotiations.

Financial analysis: in stockholder and partnership disputes.

Business Valuations

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